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Re: NetBSD 6.0.1 booted successfully on PowerMac G5 11,2

That is really, really exciting! Seems like it has very similar hardware to
the Xserve G5, to which I'm considering transition. Is there some reason you
didn't boot multiprocessor? Is it running in 64 bit mode? How stable is the 
system (ie. would you run this in production)? How much of a PITA do you think 
it would be to get the SATA controller working?

If NetBSD 6.0.x were able to run well on this (and by proxy the Xserve G5), I
would like to get a couple of them, replace my old alphas (*sniff*), and do
pkgsrc bulk builds for macppc on one of them. Great news in any case. I'll be
watching this list for further developments!

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