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Re: [PATCH] Incorrect segment 0 initialization for PMAC G5

On 03/29/2013 07:58 PM, Michael wrote:

Are you using 32bit bridge mode or LP64?

For now only 64bit bridge mode. The real 64bit mode needs more work to be done.

Isn't that just another kinda-sorta 'special' OpenPIC?

Yeah, the base adddress is just different.
I have it already up and running :)

Leaves one question. On 32bit PowerPC ports we BAT-map PCI space with
bus address == physical address - is there a sane way to achieve that
on the G5 ( I never really understood how the segment registers work )
or do I have to write a separate bus_space and have it actually map

The powerpc PCI code maps everything with pmap automatically.
But the power PCI code needs rework and bug fixing, i stumbled upon a few myself and fixed it. I had some problems with PCI enumeration, OFW data was not parsed correctly, but after i fixed it, it's working well now.

Broadcom NICs are enumerated properly now and even USB ports too :)

PowerPC interrupt handling needs some rework too.

Currently i'm at the point where external interrupts are enabled and
the kernel tries to mount root filesystem from memory filesystem :)

But i still have problems with assigned IRQ lines, i think they are configured wrong while PCI bus is enumerated. Currently trying to
fix this issue.

One question. How do i build a memory file system and put it in my kernel ? I'm a bit new to NetBSD.


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