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Re: [PATCH] Incorrect segment 0 initialization for PMAC G5

On 03/28/2013 11:34 AM, Michael wrote:

And i would appreciate any pointers regarding porting NetBSD to PowerMac
G5. I managed to get the display console working and
currently implementing support for U4 MPIC which is not supported by
NetBSD yet.

Thanks for looking into this!
I got my G5 ( dual core PCIe ) to display a few things and then hang
hard when trying to turn on address translation. And that's where I got
stuck - low level PowerPC MMU stuff isn't exactly my territory.
I'm not sure if I committed all the code needed to get even that far
( dealing with different OF versions which encode memory configuration
in slightly different ways and such ) - I'll check.

have fun


i'm already past MMU initialization and the NetBSD kernel runs in
virtual mode on my G5. And i'm at the point now where cpu_configure is
called but then it drops to DDB because init_interrupt is not able
to find a PIC controller. U4 MPIC of my G5 is not yet supported
which i'm trying to fix currently.

I had some problems with MMU too at the beginning but after disabling
PMAP_NEED_MAPKERNEL in pmap_bootstrap, i got it running finally.
Do you know what is the purpouse of PMAP_NEED_MAPKERNEL ?

And i would appreciate any help i can get because i'm a bit new
to NetBSD kernel hacking.


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