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Re: Smoking gun: NetBSD 6.0.1 userland instability

>> My bet - FWIW - is that the problem is in the altivec handling.  This
>> is something unique to PPC processors, differs between PPC models,
>> and would only affect code that uses altivec.  "normal" code - like
>> compilers, gzip, I/O, and lots of other things, could go a long way
>> with altivec broken, and no one would notice.
>Is it possible/feasible to build analog without altivec?  That would
>seem to me to be the obvious next thing to try: a non-altivec analog
>under a problematic kernel.

I thought of that.  The source to analog is available, and as I recall,
it is not hard to build. - http://www.analog.cx/analog-6.0.tar.gz

I am not familiar enough with the compiler
to be confident I am actually flipping the right gcc switches
to **know** that altivec is, or is not being used.  To run that
experiment, I would want to be able to build it and reproduce
the problem with my version as well.  What if I can only
make it break with the pre-compiled version?

In the old days, I would just use "-g", and presume that the optimization
was disabled, but modern compilers don't do that any more.  They
reportedly try to optimize more often, even when not necessarily


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