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Re: What am doing wrong

I think a 16 MB sendbuf/rcvbuf may well cause timeouts if the network
isn't pretty fast *and* reliable.  256K is usually plenty, which is the


>I just did a fresh install of NetBSD 5.1. I then built nginx, php-fpm, and 
>mysql. I then tested it buy running 10,000,000 dynamic php hits. The system 
>seemed fine, so I tarred it up, copied it to a live server, then netbooted, 
>untarred the backup to its boot drive and then rebooted. Everything seemed to 
>go fine. The system came right up. Now, a couple of days later, some processes 
>had a stat of sokva.
>I did build a custom kernel, but the only things that I changed were:
>maxusers        64
>options         NMBCLUSTERS=16384
>config          netbsd  root on sd0a type ffs
>#pseudo-device  raid            8       # RAIDframe disk driver
>#options        RAID_AUTOCONFIG         # auto-configuration of RAID components
>And my sysctl.conf looks like this:
>I am seeing a lot of device timeout from fxp0. Could this be the source of the 
>Also, both systems are Blue&White G3s.
>What am doing wrong?

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