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Re: apache pkgsrc binary unstable on NetBSD 5.2

On 9 February 2013 02:45, Donald Lee <MacPPC2%caution.icompute.com@localhost> 
>>> http://blog.julien-oster.de/2013/01/fixing-xterm-256color-with-netbsd.html
>>Does roy's application of the patch in r1.10 of
>>lib/libterminfo/tparm.c fix the issue for you?
>>If so we should probably look to getting it pulled up into netbsd-6 :)
> I could not get it to build.  I tried pulling in the source (src.tgz and
> sharesrc.tgz from the 6.0 release), but it still
> didn't build.  After a couple of iterations of pulling down more source and
> getting new errors, I hit one where I didn't have a good idea of why, so
> I gave up and changed my terminals to vt102, which work fine.
> If you can tell me what I have to do to make it build, I could try.  I
> did try to build on 6.0, but it looked to me like the toolchain required
> some additional stuff that is not present there.

The simplest (if not the fastest :) option should be to download and
extract the full source and run './build.sh build' or './build.sh -m
macppc build' if on a non NetBSD/macppc box.
Actually in that second case I'd run './build.sh -m macppc release' to
build the whole release.

Once you have a full build working then start trying to cut down to
smaller chunks :)

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