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Re: xf86config file for Mac G3 biege running NetBSD

> NetBSD.org
> I haven't found the configuration files or got anything to start and run 
> with startx.. Keeps saying my  monitor is not defined and that it can't 
> connect to the server.  Can you send me the Xf86 configuration file 
> example and tell me where it's to be put.  Or where I can find the 
> configuration file on my installed NetBSD system and how to get it 
> configured to run properly, it seems to have found my ADB keyboard and 
> mouse and I saw there's a module for my video card - an ATI Mach64-3DU.  
> My monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster 17 GLi with HF: 30-65Khz, VF: 50-120 
> Hz capable of 1280x1024 but it's only running 640x480.  VRAM is 6 Mb on 
> the Mac G3. I have an add-on USB card in my Mac G3 so I could use a USB 
> keyboard and mouse to get 3 buttons working...
> Which desktop do you recommend ?  KDE or Gnome - or is something else 
> better ?
> I run my iMac on OSX and like to use firefox and thunderbird.
> I am new at NetBSD and have just started reading the manuals and 
> learning the commands...
> Thanks
> James Goldsberry
> jgoldsbe <at> flash.net
James Goldsberry <jgoldsbe <at> flash.net> writes:


I'm still stuck in the text terminal mode. It seems that all the X-configure,
xinit, xdm and xorg software configuration modules are missing from my
installation of NetBSD macppc 5.1.2. After reading a lot about the configuration
file and typing up my own version, it still won't start or run X (although it
does try to and it gives me a long log printout, ending with: "xinit: connection
refused (errno 61) unable to connect to X server. and xinit: no such process
(errno 3) Server Error".) Also, the pkg_add seems to be broken so I can't ftp
download any new packages from NetBSD for my installed system... Very strange
software configuration.  I have now installed NetBSD 5.1.2 (and 5.0 - with the
same problems) on two different Mac G3 beige computers, and I have two more G3
B&W computers on which I have installed the NetBSD software, but I haven't yet
got the B&Ws to boot from Open Firmware into NetBSD (still working on that). The
two Mac G3 machines which do boot up only go into text mode, the installation
seem to be missing all the x-configuration software.  Has anyone else
experienced this problem from these two distributions - and has anyone found a
NetBSD software distribution which installs correctly on a Mac G3 ? The 5.0
version seemed to be downloading some software packages - the 5.1.2 version
won't download anything. Send me a sample xorg.config file and some hints on how
to upgrade the NetBSD installation... I hope everything that's broken is fixed
in NetBSD version 6.0..... 

James Goldsberry

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