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PowerBook G3 can't boot from hard drive

Hello, I am Pablo Cabrera from Paysandú, Uruguay. I am new in the
mailing list, and new in NetBSD.

My laptop is a PowerBook G3 PDQ. It's an Old-World Mac, OpenFirmware
version 2.0.1
I can boot from network, and install NetBSD in the laptop's hard drive
but I can't boot from it.

I can't load ofwboot.xcf from the hard disk, I am now trying to load
it from an hfs partition. Apparently OpenFirmware doesn't recognize
hard drive.

I assume that hard drive is /pci/mac-io/ata0/disk. Any attempt to boot
from that device results in the message 'can't OPEN:'..
I've also tried with other devices..
Note: the devalias ide0 and ide1 doesn't exists.

I tried in a lot of ways, but I don't find a solution. I can't even
list the files in the partition with the 'dir' command.

Please, help me.

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