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Any ideas?

This 6400-type system has run well for many years. Recently the comm slot ethernet stopped working, so I put in a dual gigabit Intel card and upgraded to netbsd-5 from two or three days ago. It paniced with:

wm0: device timeout (txfree 3994 txsfree 0 txnext 2555)
wm0: device timeout (txfree 4075 txsfree 52 txnext 847)
trap: pid 691.1 (find): kernel MCHK trap @ 0x3546d4 (SRR1=0x49030)
panic: trap
Begin traceback...
0xd4ffba00: at trap+0x108
0xd4ffba90: kernel MCHK trap by mutex_tryenter+0x14: srr1=0x49030
            r1=0xd4ffbb50 cr=0x28844044 xer=0 ctr=0x354110
0xd4ffbb50: at _prop_array_pool+0x12d5af8
0xd4ffbb60: at lwp_trylock+0x20
0xd4ffbb80: at turnstile_block+0x15c
0xd4ffbbb0: at mutex_vector_enter+0x184
0xd4ffbbe0: at cache_enter+0x15c
0xd4ffbc20: at ufs_lookup+0x790
0xd4ffbcc0: at VOP_LOOKUP+0x6c
0xd4ffbce0: at lookup+0x32c
0xd4ffbd40: at namei+0x154
0xd4ffbde0: at do_sys_stat+0x3c
0xd4ffbe50: at sys___lstat30+0x28
0xd4ffbee0: at syscall_plain+0x1d0
0xd4ffbf40: user SC trap #389 by 0xeff8e7dc: srr1=0xd032
            r1=0xffffdb00 cr=0x28008082 xer=0x20000000 ctr=0
End traceback...
dumpsys: TBD

Any ideas?

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