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-current userland working for others?

Since the PPC changes brought in a couple weeks ago, I have not been able to run a -current userland on my G4/400.

There was a problem where the kernel would not start, which was fixed by matt@ after a few days, and I can successfully boot a GENERIC from the latest autobuilds. However, when I unpack userland (base.tgz, in this case), basically all binaries except those in /rescue stop working. I get these kinds of messages from the kernel:

trap: pid 694.1 (ls): user read DSI trap @ 0x407eb46c by 0xeff0f2dc (DSISR 0x40000000, err=14)
trap: pid 541.1 (dmesg): user ISI trap @ 0x2000 (SRR1=0x4000f032)
trap: pid 167.1 (dmesg): user ISI trap @ 0x2000 (SRR1=0x4000f032)

...once I back out to userland from 20110111, things start working again.

Does anyone have any clue what's going on here? This is the box that I was using to run ATF tests on, and it's basically been idle for three weeks because of this.


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