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Re: 7600+G3 cache

>> With L2RAM_PIPELINE_BURST, I get the same "L2 cache present but not
>> enabled" report that I do with no L2CR_CONFIG at all.  (This puzzles
>> me, and I'm fairly sure I was indeed using the correct kernel.)
> It's quite possible (no, "likely") that powerpc/oea/cpu_subr.c will
> not by default be recompiled in an UPDATE build when you tweak
> L2CR_CONFIG in your kernel configuration file.

I thought of that, and it turns out it does get recompiled.
L2CR_CONFIG goes into opt_ppcparam.h, which make depend correctly marks
cpu_subr.o as depending on.

That particular symptom - "L2 cache present but not enabled" - has gone
away, and I speculate it was actually me misreading; see my more recent
message giving timing test results for more.

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