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Re: ppp on NetBSD 4.0.1 macppc

>> Being a basic troublemaker, and prone to neatness, I tried "ifconfig
>> ppp0 delete" and it fails. A (low-priority at best) bug?
>>      +mercy-t$ ifconfig ppp0 delete
>>      ifconfig: SIOCDIFADDR: Can't assign requested address
>No; you can't delete an address without specifying one.  I can't see
>this as a bug.
>If you want to destroy ppp0, as your "neatness" remark seems to imply,
>"delete" is the wrong verb; you want "ifconfig ppp0 destroy" in that
>case.  "delete" deletes an address but does not do away with the
>interface itself.

Cool.  Thanks.  Works fine.


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