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Wow. . .

Well, the upgrade from 3.0 to 4.0 on the G4 went surprisingly
smoothly.  As an inveterate FreeBSD user/admin, I was fearfully
remembering my NetBSD/sparc 1.6 days of frustration and hair-pulling.

The OS upgrade went smoothly [with help from the list], and even the
package upgrade went OK.  I learned to iterate pkg_chk over and over.
It initially puked with over 500 processes and ground away for 6
hours.  I killed all that and started over, and I'm just surprised that
it went as smoothly as it did.  Didn't have to redo any config files or
anything.  Reboot, enjoy.  I'm beginning to think this is a easy as
FreeBSD. . .

Our BAMP database server is up again like nothing ever happened.
Previous uptime for this machine was 465 days [it went down due to an
extended power outage].  I think 4.0 will be setting a new record. . .

Jim Smith <n0oct%sbcglobal.net@localhost>

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