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Upgrade from 3.0 to 4.0 quandry. . .

So, I've got an old G4 that I've been running NetBSD 3.0 on for
several years. I thought to myself "High time to upgrade to 4.0".

Everything seemed to go smoothly on the binary upgrade, but now the
machine won't boot. Here's the problem:  

This machine is running off of one disk [wd0].  There is a ~10 Mb HFS
partition with the ofwboot.xcf and netbsd [3.0] kernel on it, which the
machine boots from.  The rest of the disk is given over to NetBSD.

After upgrading, the HFS partition still has the old ofwboot and
kernel, so that throws a panic when the machine tries to boot [since
the rest of the disk is now 4.0].

Here's the quandry: how do I get the new ofwboot.xcf and netbsd kernel
to the old HFS partition?  I've tried boot the 4.0 kernel from CD,
which works for booting the kernel, but won't continue on to loading
things from wd0.  Apparently there isn't enough information there to
tell it to 'move on' to wd0.

Likewise, [as far as I can tell] there is no way to boot ofwboot off of
the CD, then read the kernel off of the FFS partition of wd0.

I do not have access to another Mac to which I can attach this drive and
drag the contents over to the HFS partition.  I did load NetBSD onto an
old i386 machine, attached my wd0 to this machine and tried the
hfsutils, but they do not recognize anything on my wd0 drive as being
HFS at all.

What's a mother to do?  This is somewhat of a production machine [used
internally as a database server], so I'd like to get it back up
quickly.  For now, I'm running my database off of my backup FreeBSD


jim smith <n0oct%sbcglobal.net@localhost>

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