Subject: booting install CD on Powerbook 3400c
To: None <>
From: Leonardo Boiko <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 04/03/2006 14:21:52
Hi.  Is it possible to boot from install CD in the Powerbook 3400c
(oldworld, openfirmware 2.0.1)? I've searched a lot but found
contradictory information.  Debian installation manual has this:

  OldWorld PowerMacs will not boot a Debian CD, because OldWorld computers
  relied on a Mac OS ROM CD boot driver to be present on the CD, and a
  free-software version of this driver is not available. All OldWorld
  systems have floppy drives [mine doesn't], so use the floppy drive to
  launch the installer, and then point the installer to the CD for the
  needed files.

Also, NetBSD model support page has the line "Boots only from floppy or
internal hard disk!".  However, NetBSD macppc installation notes seem to
imply (to me at least) that it's possible, and I've seen emails by some
people reporting success.  I couldn't make it work.  When I try to
boot, I get this error:

  DEFAULT CATCH!, code=FFF00300 at   &SRR0: 006000D8   &SRR1: 00003070

This happens whether or not I set load-base and real-base to the
installation guide's values, and it happens when I try to duplicate a
recent user experience[1] (but I've not burned a custom CD like him,
since I don't really understand what he did; I tried to use macppccd.iso's
own ofwboot.xcf and netbsd.macppc).  In fact, it will happen even if I
try a bogus filename, so I'd guess my openfirmware can't read the CD at
all (but it spins for a while, so it at least try).

Yes, I've read the FAQ on this error message and tried everything, but
to no avail.  Has anyone recently installed NetBSD using only the CD in
a 3400c?  Any special settings or commands?


Leonardo Boiko