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Moving mac68k to 8K pages?

Hi, m68k Mac fans,

After thinking about Izumi's recommendation to increase m68k usable address space by increasing the page size from 4K to 8K, I decided to give it a try on mac68k.


On a Quadra 605 which has 132 megs of memory I could reliably panic the machine by trying to compile any of a number of different packages from pkgsrc. After switching to 8K, this Quadra has been compiling for 22 days straight without a panic.

I expect this will help with machines with even more memory. I have a Quadra 630 with 196 megs and a quadra 610 with 260 megs, plus soon a Quadra 800 with 520 megs.

Are there any good reasons to not switch mac68k to 8K pages, at very least until someone gets around to rewriting the PMAP?

John Klos

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