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Re: Where do the mac68k packages on ftp.netbsd.org come from?


Given how long my Power Mac 9500/180 takes to just "make clean" on
pkgsrc (more than 24 hours), I'd say you'd probably have more luck
crosscompiling.  It's less a function of the computers being slower
than we remembered than it is one of the compilers and other
userland having grown large enough to fit modern desktop machines
in the past few years.  I'm finding the macppc port to be almost
unusably slow on 604e machines, which definitely wasn't the case a
few years ago.  On a 68040, I think you're probably looking at
a big problem. :-)

Crosscompiling is fine for certain things, but the idea of checking 10,000 packages to see what can and can't be crosscompiled is not something I ever picture myself doing. Using distcc with a crosscompiler, though, will get set up soon. I have a nice 8 core AMD which should help m68k, VAX and sh3.

Disk access time may be a big factor in that, though, in which
case a nice fast NFS server might actually improve things quite a

In the mac68k world, though, nfs is over 10 Mbps ethernet, so this isn't always the case. If I get a bunch of Q605 motherboards set up together, though, nfs certainly would be easier.

That said, one of my pet "back burner" projects is to make a cheap
rackmount case for LC motherboards (all the "pizza-box" style ones
have the same basic outline, so it should work for all of them),
since they make OK DNS/mail servers.  If anyone knows a good way
to do that, let me know (Protocase is nice for a lot of projects,
but sadly not this one because it's not super-cheap and doesn't
do bends the way I'd need).  I know someone did something similar
for original iMac motherboards a long time ago (Marathon Computing
or something similar?).

I've done a couple of 1U Quadra 605s and first generation G3 iMacs. I'll have to find those pictures.

Quadra 610 machines would probably be 2U, wouldn't they? Or would you assume that they'd be used without any expansion cards? Either way, I'll be interested to see what you design.


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