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Re: Keeping up to date with -current with a cross-compiler

On 13 December 2011 14:36, Donald Lee <MacPPC2%caution.icompute.com@localhost> 
> FWIW - when I last upgraded my 68K mac to NetBSD 2.1 (?)  from NetBSD 1.3.1,
> which had been running happily and sppedily for years.....
> (I don't remember exactly what version I upgraded to)
> I noticed a signoficant slowdown on just about everything I ran, and did
> some performance analysis.  What I found was that the normal SW
> bloat has afflicted NetBSD.  There are lots of things that the newer
> systems do, like localization, that are actually rather expensive.  We
> just don't notice the cost because the CPu and disks are so
> fast.  When you run on a 20 year old 68K machine, though, you notice!
> The strace of a 1.3.1 application vs a newer system is a real eye-opener.
> I have not tried this lately, but I imagine it's gotten worse.  Everything
> in NetBSD has gotten more "feature rich" - i.e. complex - over time, and
> that has got to slow things down.

Didn't mac68k change from a.out to ELF object format during that period?
I'd be curious as to how much of that is due to additional functionality and
how much to compiler and shared object code differences...

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