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Re: Migrating ports from XFree86 to Xorg (Was: Changing default X11_TYPE from native to modular for some platforms)


On Tue, 20 Sep 2011 10:53:18 +0200
Radoslaw Kujawa <radoslaw.kujawa%c0ff33.net@localhost> wrote:

> On 20 wrz 2011, at 10:17, David Brownlee wrote:
> > I'd like to suggest a deadline is set for cutting all remaining ports
> > across to xorg - the source will remain in the repository for anyone
> > wanting to port any Xfree86 drivers across to Xorg.
> This might mean "no more X11 server on an amiga".
> AFAIK Xorg does not support old-style ite/grf drivers present on this port. 
> Please correct me if I am wrong. Even though we have some wscons support, 99% 
> of users do not use it on amiga, because it is not complete and is not 
> enabled by default. In fact there's only one working wscons driver 
> (amidisplaycc, for amiga's integrated graphics). And we have tons of drivers 
> utilizing the old ite/grf mechanism. 

One could always just stick the existing code into a new driver ( or more than 
one ) instead of trying to use wsfb.

> I am currently working on a PCI subsystem, which might bring some wsdisplay 
> drivers to amiga, but it has still a long way to go.
> > I suspect a bunch of them would work fine with wsfb
> Bunch = one or (more likely) zero in case of amiga. 

PCI chips are actually fairly likely to have native Xorg drivers.

have fun

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