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OT: 2x Mac IIci available

I just pulled from production my last 68K machine, after running a very solid
8 years of NetBSD, most recently 1.3.3.  On the 68K Macs, this is a very solid,
useful machine.

This machine and its "spare" are now available if anyone wants them.
I have a few NuBus cards - video, ethernet, etc.  They have the 
"cache card" and a bunch of memory (I don't remember exactly how
much, but plenty to run NetBSD 1.3.x)  I also have an Apple "Trinitron"
monitor.  (the one that shipped with these boxes).

These are old machines, but they work fine.  I also have several
SCSI drives that I can include with the machines.

If interested, contact me off-list.  If I can get them to you with
a minimum of fuss, they're yours.


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