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Re: Which netatalk?

At 11:07 Uhr +0100 30.10.2008, Bjarne Bäckström wrote:
>    I've installed 4.0 on a LCIII machine, that is primarily intended
>to work as a "bridge" for Appletalking between old and new Macs. I
>had netatalk-asun running fine under NetBSD 2.1. Is it still possible
>to use that one, or should I compile one from pkgsrc? If the latter,
>which one would you recommend?

Provided you have the necessary COMPAT* options in your kernel's config,
the old netatalk binaries should run just fine.

OTOH, since you want to support newer Macs, give netatalk 2.x (that's
net/netatalk) a try. Works like a charm here for both System 7 Macs and OS
X 10.4 Powerbooks.


"It's never straight up and down"     (DEVO)

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