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Tools for m68k a.out?

Since NetBSD has SunOS compatibility, is there toolchain support for building a.out binaries in the m68k toolchain used any of the 68K ports? Or is all the support now purely for executing existing a.out binaries? (I imagine it might be important to build a.out binaries for bootstraps and such. But I could also see handcrafting an a.out wrapper for a “bare” binary in such situations too…)

I build NetBSD 9 locally for hp300, sun3, and mvme68k, and use /usr/tools/${machine} for the tools path. Is there any documentation someone can point me to on how to use one of these toolchains for building arbitrary code outside the NetBSD source tree? My initial assumption is that there’s a shell script I can source into my zsh environment to point to it, or something along those lines.

  — Chris

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