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NeXT 13W3 monitors

I'm collecting information on various monitor interfaces
so that the Open Graphics project can support as many of
them as possible. So far I have found 6 versions of 13W3.

I have found a pinout for NeXT's 13W3 [1], but I haven't found
enough information to implement it. For example, I suspect that
pin 2 "Power Switch Control" is a signal from the computer to the
monitor telling it to power up or down, but to implement it I
need to know exactly what the signal is. A DC Voltage? A contact
closure to ground? Or what? And the four pins described as
Monitor<foo>, what do these do, which direction is the signal
(computer to monitor or monitor to computer?), Voltages,
frequencies, whatever.

Should I even bother attempting to support NeXT monitors?
According to [2], NeXT monitors were unreliable and probably dead by now.

[1] http://old.pinouts.ru/Video/nextcolor_pinout.shtml
[2] http://ask.metafilter.com/42600/13W3-to-VGA-Madness

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