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Re: Framebuffer issue

2009/11/19  <sparked%zadzmo.org@localhost>:
>> It sounds like the palette could be off. I'm assuming here that NetBSD
>> is just using whatever power on mode the PROM has set.
>> Is it possible to adjust the video mode in the PROM, also what colours
>> do or do not work?
> I've only tried what was stated above; I've got a kernel specified for
> black-on-red building.

sys/arch/ibmnws/ibmnws/autoconf.c defines the genfb() properties (look
for BUILTIN_VIDEO_P), but it looks like genfb() doesn't currently
provide a way to set the initial colourmap. genfb() came originally
from macppc - I wonder if anyone there is using it reliably in 8 bit

>> Hmm - looks like the build should be using ncdsc on the kernels
>> (distrib/ibmnws/netboot/kernel/Makefile) but the build isn't currently
>> making those kernels (under the installation) directory, only the
>> binary/sets GENERIC kernel. How do you fancy debugging a NetBSD source
>> build? :)
> Give me some documentation and/or a place to start and I'll try. :)

A good place to start would be downloading current to a relatively
fast box (of any architecture) and then running

./build.sh -a ibmnws release

It should build a complete NetBSD distribution for ibmnws

Assuming so, I would then go into distrib and type 'make' to see if
distrib/ibmnws/netboot/kernel/Makefile is called and/or if its output
gets put into the build. :)

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