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Re: Framebuffer issue

2009/11/11  <sparked%zadzmo.org@localhost>:
> Just got 5.0.1 booting on one of these systems, and the console is almost
> unreadable with a cyan-on-white color scheme. I've got this in my
> custom compiled kernel:
> Seems to me that something is off here - endianness or bit inversion
> issue maybe?

It sounds like the palette could be off. I'm assuming here that NetBSD
is just using whatever power on mode the PROM has set.
Is it possible to adjust the video mode in the PROM, also what colours
do or do not work?

> Also, I just have to comment, the kernels provided for download - and freshly
> compiled - don't have the checksum headers needed to be bootable. I only
> just now got these working even though I've had them for years, as I
> accidentally stumbled on the 'ncdcs' program. Nothing mentions this anywhere.

Hmm - looks like the build should be using ncdsc on the kernels
(distrib/ibmnws/netboot/kernel/Makefile) but the build isn't currently
making those kernels (under the installation) directory, only the
binary/sets GENERIC kernel. How do you fancy debugging a NetBSD source
build? :)

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