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Migrating server from i386 to amd64 - Possibly NetBSD_6x --> 7x?

Hello amd64 list,

I searched the mailing lists but did not find any
relevant hits...
Links welcome or even search terms that get me closer...

I have a dying 32bit PC (running NetBSD 6_Stable) that I've
used a home server for a while...
apache, mysql, ssh, firewall/router/NAT (ipf), caching DNS, etc...
Full system boots from single sw raid

I've a, new to me, dell precision t3500 xeon on the way that I
hope to replace my 32bit machine with and would like to replicate
my base functionality as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

I guess first question, will the 64 bit xeon just boot off the
i386 raid disks? I'm suspecting it might? If so, then need advice on
upgrading to amd64 from there...possibly just move to
amd64 NetBSD 6_latest via binaries and try to get stable system,
then upgrade to 7 when I'm ready?

If new machine will not boot from i386 disks, REALLY need advice
to minimize my headaches...

thanks in advance,

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