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Re: use of MI "pcu" code for x86 FPU, allocate FPU context dynamically

Matthias Drochner <M.Drochner%fz-juelich.de@localhost> wrote:
> <...>
> This could certainly be fixed within the MD i386/amd64 code (there is
> not much shared currently), adding even mode MD code.
> I've tried to adopt the "pcu" framework instead which is already used on
> arm, mips and ppc. This doesn't solve the problems mentioned above
> automatically, but it reduces the amount of MD code massively.
> The first patch (x86_use_pcu) implements this. It is well tested
> for native code, on amd64 with and without xen, and on i386. There
> might be flaws in emulation code, I just didn't test this yet.

Just commit it? (the conversion to pcu(9) patch)


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