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Re: x86 pcitag_t change proposal/patch

Hi, Jonathan

(2012/12/05 11:59), Jonathan A. Kollasch wrote:

I'd like feedback on the attached patch.

Commit message would be approximately as follows:

Separate the implementation of PCI Configuration Access Mode 1 and
Mode 2 from the x86 pcitag_t.  This is desirable so that any tags
possibly created prior to parsing of the ACPI MCFG table(s) can be
used with a memory-mapped configuration space mechanism afterwards.

        Jonathan Kollasch

 What's the current status of this work? I'd like to access to the PCIe
extended configuration space (from 0x100 to 0xfff) for debugging purpose.
There are a lot of important informations in it...

                SAITOH Masanobu (msaitoh%execsw.org@localhost

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