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Re: 80386 support

>> For the sorts of purposes for which I'd consider running NetBSD, if
>> it can't self-host, it's broken.
> That does not compute for me.

It doesn't need to, since it isn't your machines or your purposes that
that applies to.  Different strokes for different folks.

>> A 12M ramdisk (plus the kernel) isn't my idea of "_really_ low".  My
>> idea of "_really_ low" is more like 2M.
> However I don't think I ever ran any kind of unix on any 32-bit
> machine with just 2MB of main memory, or if I did it was just to see
> if it could boot.

I don't think I did either.  I'm pretty sure my hp300 with 5M is the
smallest-RAM machine I've tried to run anything Unixy on.

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