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Re: 80386 support

On Dec 8, 12:37am, Mouse wrote:
} >>>> I then pointed to mail-index's archived copy of the "we're going
} >>>> to a three-tier paradigm" announcement.
} >>> I'll admit to some disappointment when I first read that
} >>> announcement but I have come round to the idea that it's a
} >>> recognition of finite developer resources.
} >> I expect it _will_ prevent people from [...]
} > That's not even remotely why nor how i386 CPU support was removed.
} Given how the quotes were trimmed, I read "that announcement" as
} referring to the three-tier announcement, not the announcement of
} removal of 80386 support, and I was writing from that assumption.

     The original announcement of removal 80386 support was made on
Nov. 15th, 2007.  The port tier system was announced on Mar. 30th,
2011.  A considerable difference in time (approx. 3.5 years).  I'm not
even sure the port tier system had even been proposed, much less
discussed, when the removal of 80386 support was announced.

}-- End of excerpt from Mouse

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