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Re: mac virtualization recommendation

> > What are people's current recomendations for running netbsd in a vm on a
> > mac?
> VMware Fusion works very well for me. I've used 2.0 for month and just
> upgrade to 3.0 which seems to work as well.

Does anyone know if a VMware Fusion VM image created on a MacOSX
desktop can be copied to Windows and Linux desktop computers and
still work under their respective copies of VMware Workstation?

Currently I am running NetBSD on my Mac as a Parallels VM, which
works fine.  But would prefer a more portable virtual machine
environment that I can run on Apple Macs, as well as under Windows
and Linux host OS desktops and netbooks with VT-x or AMD-V hardware

Being able to move VM images between different hardware would be
very helpful.  Especially for business travel, since TrueCrypt
does not provide bootable full disk encryption on the Mac, and
since I avoid traveling with unencrypted drives.

On a side note, has anyone been able to run NetBSD as a Xen DomU
with Xen Dom0 running on MacOSX?  If so, how portable are the Xen
DomU VM images between different Xen host operating systems?

Thank you in advance.

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