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Re: Can't install on Dell Dimension 3100

On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 8:58 AM, Ray Phillips <r.phillips%uq.edu.au@localhost> 
> I thought I'd report that I had access to a Dell Dimension 3100 briefly
> recently and discovered it isn't possible to install NetBSD/i386 on it, even
> a -current version which was CVS updated on 13 March 2009.  The problem
> seems to be with the USB driver.  The symptom is the probing of system
> devices during booting stops at this stage:

Try disabling the azalia driver (or ehci if that one is not present).
Boot the installer using 'boot -c' (stop the automatic boot at the
boot loader and type that) so that it drops into userconf.  From
there, disable the driver using "disable azalia" or "disable azalia*";
can't remember the exact syntax.  Then quit userconf and see if the
system boots.

After installation, you'll need to do that again...  If it is the
problem I'm thinking about, your system is sharing an IRQ among
several drivers and one of them is messing things up.  In the case of
my dell machine, the faulty one is azalia.  You can either go with no
sound or with no USB 2.0 support (by disabling azalia or ehci


Julio Merino

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