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Re: PCMCIA broken (was Re: no ndis* at cardbus?)

In article <1234379751.836836.989.nullmailer%galant.ukfsn.org@localhost>,
Iain Hibbert  <plunky%rya-online.net@localhost> wrote:
>On Wed, 11 Feb 2009, Matthias Drochner wrote:
>> As said, CompactFlash works for me. Seems I'm just lucky.
>Although I didn't have 5.0 on my old laptop (Tecra 8100 - dmesg is on
>wiki) it worked fine there with a pre-branch -current. It barely boots now
>(and I've wiped the disk) but I can set it up for testing with a bunch of
>kernels on CD if required.
>> plunky%rya-online.net@localhost said:
>> >    RBUS_IO_BASE = 0x4000   # default, does not work
>> >    RBUS_IO_BASE = 0x0a00   # works.
>> Perhaps there is some problem with incomplete decoding?
>> The i386 CARDBUS config file suggests 0x600 btw.
>32-bit cards seem to work normally with GENERIC anyway and I tried that
>CARDBUS config but found no change with the 16-bit ones.
>I took the 0x0a00 value from PRs kern/32327 and kern/32328 (and, all over
>the internet when searching for RBUS_IO_BASE :), which also suggests
>reducing RBUS_IO_SIZE and that worked fine for the 16-bit cards but both
>32-bit cards paniced the machine in that case (from "cbb0: <rbus> no bus

Well, I think that 0x4000 used to work before the rbus cleanup that
Andy did.  Perhaps a bug sneaked in then?


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