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Re: PCMCIA broken (was Re: no ndis* at cardbus?)

As said, CompactFlash works for me. Seems I'm just lucky.

plunky%rya-online.net@localhost said:
>       RBUS_IO_BASE = 0x4000   # default, does not work
>       RBUS_IO_BASE = 0x0a00   # works. 

Perhaps there is some problem with incomplete decoding?
The i386 CARDBUS config file suggests 0x600 btw.

> at least one 32-bit card that I have
> (a USB2.0 card I think with VIA chips) caused a panic on insertion but I
> didn't write the reason down[3]

most likely an address conflict with something allocated
by the BIOS, leading to all kinds of weird symptoms

> [3] I haven't worked out how to make the message buffer persist
> through a reboot on this machine yet 

Yes this sucks. It used to work until not so long ago.

best regards

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