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Flash plugin [was Re: NetBSD vs. FreeBSD]

[Sorry for cross-posting.  I have moved netbsd-users and current-users
to the Bcc line.]

> | NetBSD can also run Linux binaries. ÂOn my NetBSD/amd64 -current
> | system I use ns-flash-9.0.124 from pkgsrc with a pre-release version
> | of Opera 10.00 in Linux compatibility mode (not from pkgsrc; pkgsrc
> | Opera also works though).

[Alex Goncharov]
> As I am pondering some use of NetBSD, this is very helpful.

> | I have had to manually kill Opera's plugin wrapper
> | (operapluginwrapper) at times,

> I do this all the time (even wrote a script for it) :-(

> | but overall I would say that this combination works relatively well

> Good to know!..

> | (sound works too).

> Even better...

> | I briefly tried to get version 10 of Adobe's Flash plugin for Linux to
> | work in compatibility mode, but AFAICR it depended on some libraries
> | that were not included in pkgsrc's Linux compat libraries (those
> | packages seem somewhat old BTW, although this was virtually the only
> | instance I ran into problems because of this).

> Thanks a lot -- this is another reason for me to try NetBSD!

In case you (or someone else) should want to try this, I forgot to
mention that I had to manually add the line
to the file ~/.opera/pluginpath.ini as Opera would not find the Flash
plugin otherwise.


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