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Re: no ndis* at cardbus?

On Jun 30, 10:18am, Matthias Drochner wrote:
} dogcow%babymeat.com@localhost said:
} > > Then there's the right way: roll CardBus into PCI. :-)
} > While I'd love to see this happen (and I suspect it's sorely overdue),
} Please don't do this, at least not unless you know
} exactly wat you are doing.
} For a minimal gain, it would make even more a mess of the
} PCI framework, and it would be in the way of proper
} PCIexpress/Expresscard support. (and ATCA which I might
} dig into soon)

     What is ATCA (wtf(1), acronymfinder.com, nor Wikipedia turned up
any useful references).

} I'd also not do any autoconf related work before cube-autoconf
} is merged.

     cube:  Any progress on this, or any estimate of when this might be?

}-- End of excerpt from Matthias Drochner

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