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Re: Desktop NetBSD needs your help

<everyone else's ideas about Desktop>

I started with Slackware back in 1996. Further down the path to the
Dark Side I went, and moved to Red Hat. Eventually I grew disgusted
with how things kept moving around every odd upgrade, and their "Hey
it works for me" attitude. I tried openbsd and freebsd but had to keep
fighting the install.
Then I tried netbsd. It just worked. I was a relative newbie, and for
me it just worked. At last, I thought, I can spend time getting things
done instead of spending all my time figuring out how to configure
this and that. Yes, sometimes I want to goof off and watch youtube
videos, and for that I use some other computer. I have some issues
with vnc that makes my windows xen vm crippled,
but I deal. It's not *that* important.
I've noticed a change in unix culture over the last 10 years or so.
More and more I encounter the self-entitled who expects to have
everything they want for free, and not have to learn anything.
I blame the ethic behind Ubuntu for propagating this. If you don't
want to learn anything, why are you using a *nix?
In short, having better audio and wireless drivers would be nice. But
if I really want them I'll do it myself. I must not really want them,
because I spend my time doing the things I really want.

Now, there are some people who really want to develop a better Desktop
for NetBSD. But who will this attract? I was once a newbie (still am,
but a different kind of newbie), and loved how easy the install
experience was. Don't understand disk geometry? Look it up. It's too
scary? Use something else.


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