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Re: Desktop NetBSD needs your help

On 07.02.2009, Andy Ruhl wrote:
> I used to generally share your thoughts, but I'm coming around to one
> of the points that Andrew said which is, it does take a long time to
> get the system to where you want it, and the barrier to entry to a new
> user is high. Why does it have to be?
> Why not get these new users to a clean, sparse system (well, maybe not
> sparse anymore) so they can see the brilliance of pkgsrc and build.sh
> in less time?

You stole my thoughts.
Instead of seeing this as something like turn of tide, one could contemplate
that also developers and contributors require desktops for their work.
Providing people a modern workstation would presumably save time for the
actual work, be it VAX or embedded devices with scare resources.

My two cents.

- Jukka R.

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