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HP Proliant DL380 won't reboot cleanly

I have a client with an HP Proliant DL380 that won't reboot cleanly now that it's running NetBSD-4.

A reboot ends up in an error screen from the BIOS that claims the system ROM is corrupt. Pretty scary the first time around!

However a power cycle resets everything just fine and away it goes again.

Previously it was running some GNU/Linux and so far as I know it didn't have any problems rebooting after that.

They have another 1U DL365(?) or something similar that doesn't have this problem, but it seems to have a somewhat different BIOS.

Both these machines needed manual tweaking of the PCI interrupt assignments too -- and there may still be some interrupt conflicts that I haven't encountered causing actual problems yet since I haven't actually had to use every device at once yet. The 1U machine has only two IRQs available for PCI (5 & 7) and so there are several devices on each.

Does anyone have any recent experience with these "G4" Proliant DL3xx machines and NetBSD-4, and if so, have you done any special BIOS configs, or turned off ACPI in the kernel, or what?

FYI, the SmartArray 6i on the little box is terribly slow, but that's probably partly because it's cache RAM battery is dead and so nothing's cached.... more about this later when we get a new battery.

                                        Greg A. Woods; Planix, Inc.

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