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Re: Please read if you use x86 -current

On Thu Nov 13 2008 at 12:01:27 -0500, Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:
> The security model is intended to protect (some components of) the system
> from persistent compromise even by a misbehaving process *with euid 0*.
> The original design prohibited access to any partition "containing a
> mounted filesystem".  Effectively, partitions were treated as exclusively
> owned by the first thing to open them.  The issues of overlapping
> partitions, non-filesystem in-kernel users of devices, and access to
> the partition table itself were basically overlooked (one or two ports
> disksubrs tried to do the right thing, but they all got it wrong somehow).
> A simple fix would be to add a list of partitions -- or even entire disks --
> that _may_ be later opened, which could only be altered at securelevel 0.
> This interacts with wedges in some ways that are not entirely clear to me
> at first glance, though.  The more comprehensive fix would probably be
> code like what Elad offered, to actually detect which partitions overlap
> one another and forbid such access.  Then the list would not be necessary.
> Now, if you have a bug in a kernel filesystem, you lose no matter what we
> do here, because it is running in kernel mode and can just ignore the
> sort of protections I describe above.  One really nice thing about user
> space filesystems is that that's not so -- even if they run as root --
> except for what is essentially a disksubr bug allowing them to get access
> to all raw devices if they can get access to any.

Uh, so let me try to see if I understood you now.  Are you suggesting
you're worried that a process with root priviledges can compromise
system security?

I do not recommend running a file server as root, *especially not*
when running against an untrusted image.  Or do people run a http or
name server as root also?

In other words, the security problem for the userspace file system server
scenario does not exist.

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