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Please read if you use x86 -current


The x86 GENERIC kernels have become bloated. The plan is to start moving
much functionality out of the main binary and into kernel modules (new style
modules, not LKMs).

The first component to be moved is POSIX semaphores. The GENERIC kernel no
longer has the P1003_1B_SEMAPHORE option. If POSIX semaphores are used, the
ksem kernel module will be automatically loaded. The same will happen for
compat code and other facilities as time goes by.

The change means that from now on, those running current+GENERIC on the i386
or amd64 ports need up-to-date modules installed. So if you are on 5.99.01,
you need kernel modules built and installed for that version under, say,
/stand/i386/5.99.01/modules. To build and install modules:

        cd src/sys/modules
        make install

I am open to ideas about how this can be automated either via the kernel
makefile, or build.sh.

Note that if you are configuring your own kernels you can do what you wish.
Specifically, you don't need to use modules. Also note that modules do not
need to match basic kernel compile options like DIAGNOSTIC/DEBUG/LOCKDEBUG.
If those options cause problems with modules it is a bug so please file a

Thanks for your patience,

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