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NetBSD dedicated server providers

        Whats the current wisdom on NetBSD dedicated server providers?

        I've got a box at jtan who are pretty good value, helpful and
        reliable during US working hours, but not very responsive
        ourside of those times (after several years to steady service
        the box has gone non responsive at 2am GMT two mornings in a row
        and the reboot has had to wait until business hours).

        Also have a couple of xen boxes at panix, which for a $20/month
        box I think is hard to beat

        For a previous company we had a set of boxes at NYI, who were reliable
        and excellent on support, but they are *very* expensive

        For this specific box we're looking to move up in terms of
        support/spec. Monthly budget is around $200-$400.

        Dedicated server requirements:
            - 4GB RAM, mirrored disks (raidframe fine)
            - Remote reboot/console or rapid out of hours reboot via support
            - Responsive support ticketing system or phone support
            - Don't need server management control panels, assisted software
              installs or anything else we can do remotely, but the stuff
              we *can't* do remotely needed to be able to happen fast :)
            - Longerterm we'd like to look towards more boxes and a load
              balancing switch

        LayeredTech looks to have a good range of server options
        at very nice prices, but I've read bad things about their
        support (mostly revolving around their strict adherence to
        their cancellation rules, which concerns me less, but some
        about general support)

        So... who do people recomment.
                David Brownlee

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