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Re: Problems with ICH2?

        Hello.  I'm using this chip set on a machine running 3.0 and 3.1
without a single problem for over a year and a half.  
        I've seen behavior you describe on a few machines we have in
production, which are running ICH chipsets, but in all those cases,
we determined that the problem was that the CPU was overheating, due to the
CPU fan having failed.  Interestingly enough, the machines would run fine
when not under load, but when they'd do their backups, which would cause
heavy disk and network activity, they'd overheat and hang.
        Could you possibly be having a heat dispersion problem?
In answer to your question, however, the ICH2 chipset works great under
NetBSD-3 and NetBSD-4, and it does indeed sound like a hardware problem.


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