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Xhpc, xmodmap and Xresources

Hi there,

Firstly, the good news: I saw some notes from January in the archive stating
problems with -current on the Jornada. I now have 3.99.1 running perfectly
on my 680 (but just a tools and kernel upgrade - I didn't have the energy to
do a full upgrade). I did need to upgrade my hpcboot to Build12, if that
helps anyone.

X also seems to be working nicely, with a couple of small exceptions. I have
a UK Jornada, so I've cranked out a small .Xmodmaprc so that I can get
{}[]`~ (which all require a "fn" keypress on my model). But I still can't
seem to get EuroSign or pound keysyms to appear. (I'm assuming this the best
approach?). EuroSign is recognised by xmodmap, but nothing appears when I
try the key combination in xterm. And  none of pound, Pound, Lslash, lslash
are recognized by xmodmap?

(I can of course post my .Xmodmaprc if there's interest).

I've always found Xresouces a little baffling, but I really can't get
anywhere on this system. I have XENVIRONMENT set and exported. ~/.Xresources
contains a couple of simple lines (to set XTerm.foreground and
XTerm.background), and I've even made symlinks from ~/.Xdefaults and
~/.Xdefaults-`hostname` to this file. I can see from the output of "ls -ltu"
after running startx that this file is being read, but it doesn't seem to
have any effect. Similarly, "xrdb -merge $HOME/.Xresources" in ~/.xinitrc
doesn't make any difference. Does anyone have any clues to offer?

And I really do need to train my fingers to stop typing Shift+On/Off instead
of PgUp :)


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