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Re: Xhpc vs 8-bit?

On Fri, Mar 25, 2005 at 22:15:12 +1100, Graeme Cross wrote:

> Uwe, my 680 has the 8-bit driver, but I'm not running Xhpc on it yet
> (I am still in the process of getting NetBSD running on my 680).

FWIW, running with root on nfs is very convenient for
testing/debugging (providing you have another unix box to act as an
nfs server).

> Send me the list of what you would like checked with Xhpc and I will
> test it once I have the unit up and running.

Just check if Xhpc runs correctly.  Reportedly it's not.

I'll see if I can easily change the hd64461video driver to select the
depth, so that I can debug it locally (and, vice versa, so that netbsd
can alwasy use 16-bit).


SY, Uwe
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