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Re: HPCARM Port for Dell Axim X51

Thorsten Alge wrote:
>On 16/06/14 15:51, Robert Swindells wrote:
>> Thorsten Alge wrote:
>>> On 15/06/14 18:06, Robert Swindells wrote:
>>>> What are you going to use for a kernel ?
>>> Right now I've tried the WZEREO3 kernel but it doesn't work. The
>>> hpboot.exe reports "Can't open kernel image." an the log says »Open file
>>> "netbsd" failed.«
>> Have you got the correct path to the card in the box to the left of the
>> text field for the kernel ?
>I tried all from teh dropdown menu, none worked out. But I'm not shure
>about paths in WinCE.

It isn't just a dropdown menu, it is also an editable text field.

You can find out the name used for your card by running the 'File Explorer'
application, the card should show up as a folder at the top level.

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