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Re: HPCARM Port for Dell Axim X51

On 15/06/14 14:28, Robert Swindells wrote:
> Thorsten Alge wrote:
>> I tried to build the system for my Dell Axim X51 according to this
>> tutorial: http://wiki.netbsd.org/tutorials/how_to_install_netbsd_on_hpcarm/
>> I partitioned It as described there but later I recognised that the dos
>> partition wount be recognized by the Windows CE system so I cant execute
>> the hpcboot.exe (or even see it). So maybe the partitioning should bee
>> somewhat different or did I do something wrong?
> Why wouldn't the DOS partition be seen by Windows CE on your system ?
> The tutorial instructions are fine for an iPAQ.
> Robert Swindells
I dont really know. But when I use se CompactFlash Drive on any NetBSD
box I am able to mount the partition but on my Mac or on the X51 I can't
see the the dos partition.


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