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NetBSD/hp300 on MAME hp9k360 emulation (and disk images)


As I wrote in the previous messages, I've managed to try NetBSD/hp300
on MAME's hp9k360 (and 330, 370) emulations with several tweaks.

A basic settings to emulate HP 9000/3x0 on MAME are described
in the MAMEDEV Wiki:

MAME from pkgsrc/emulators/mame also works on NetBSD/amd64,
and MAME for Windows binary also works.

Options for MAME can be set like this:

#! /bin/sh


# top directory path to ROM images
ROMPATHOPTIONS="-rompath ${HOME}/.mame/roms"

# target device settings

# DIO slot device options
DIOOPTIONS1="-sl1 98550"
#DIOOPTIONS1="-sl1 98543"
#DIOOPTIONS1="-sl1 98544"
DIOOPTIONS2="-sl2 98643"

# disk images
HDDOPTIONS="-hard NetBSD-10.99.10-hp300-7937H.img"
CDOPTIONS="-cdrom NetBSD-10.99.10-hp300.iso"

# window settings
WINDOWOPTIONS="-nomax -window"

# key setting to enter UI mode


Note hp9k370 emulation should also work, but MAME requires Rev.C1
BOOTROMs and the Rev.C1 seems to have some bugs to boot from SCSI CD-ROM
at ID 5. (but it can boot from ID 0)

Rev.D BOOTROM used on hp9k360 emulation can boot from CD-ROM at ID 5
and the Rev.D BOOTROM should work even on hp9k370 emulation, but
to use a different version from the MAME's default settings,
we have to modify MAME's source:

I've also put disk images to test NetBSD/hp300 on MAME
(and real hp300 machines):


- NetBSD-10.99.10-hp300.iso
  WIP bootable ISO CD image of NetBSD/hp300 installation for hp300
  (at least works on 425t, and maybe 360/370 with Rev. D BOOTROMs)

- NetBSD-10.99.10-hp300-7937H.img
  Pre-installed dumb harddisk image NetBSD/hp300 -current (10.99.10)
  with several WIP patches (created on 425t with BlueSCSI v1.2)

It looks MAME's hp9k3xx emulation has something wrong around
SCSI DMA xfers, then it gets SIGSEGV (by recursive dma function calls?),
so I also put patched kernels with spc(4) SCSI driver disabled SCSI DMA
as "/netbsd.mame".

You can specify this "netbsd.mame" on the bootloader prompt
both on ISO and HDD images, like this video (captured on Windows):

The CD ISO (not in the video) also contains installion RAMDISK kernel
with disabled SCSI DMA as '/netbsd.mame".

Note sysinst(8) on NetBSD/hp300 -current (and 10.0) still have
problems that cannot handle NetBSD/hp300 specific boot partition:
(and adding a boot patition on the label editor causes weird behaviors)

Have fun,
Izumi Tsutsui

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