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NetBSD/hp300 switched to wscons


Last week I've ported wscons drivers (HIL and framebuffers) from OpenBSD
for demonstration of 9000/425t at Open Source Conference 2011 Kagawa.

Finally NetBSD/hp300 has been switched to wscons!

Log Message:
Switch NetBSD/hp300 to wscons with rasops. Simply ported from OpenBSD/hp300.

- Only A1416 Kathmandu (topcat) framebuffer on 425t is tested, but
  all other variants (TigerShark, Hyperion, DaVinci, GatorBox, Renaissance)
  should also work if they are working on OpenBSD/hp300.
- sti(4) and SGC bus support are not pulled because I don't have 425e
  and I can't confirm that 362 and 382 actually have SGC bus.
  (I'll commit a DIO based dumb driver for 362 and 382 framebuffers later)
- Xorg server with wsfb driver will also be integrated soon
  once after keycode with NoSymbol problem is addressed.
  (We have to re-think what code should be used on WSDISPLAY_COMPAT_RAWKBD)
- MI HIL keyboard and mouse drivers are working fine though
  cngetc via hilkbd has some problem (still we can input commands).
- No old HP-UX like HIL ioctl compatibility (we removed COMPAT_HPUX anyway).
  grfinfo(8) and hilinfo(8) will be removed shortly.

Demonstrated on NetBSD booth at Open Source Conference 2011 Kagawa.

Daily snapshot binaries including this new wscons drivers are also ready:

If you see any problem on wscons world, please report via send-pr(1).

Izumi Tsutsui

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