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Re: Does kernel boot?

Hi! doomwarrior,

From: doomwarrior <doomwarriorx%gmail.com@localhost>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 17:50:16 +0200

> > sys_inst> boot
> > Disk to boot from? sd5
> > booting: sd5b:/netbsd -s
> > 998152+28380+69196 [231072+107964]=0x1607b8
> > Start @ 0xff003400 [1=0xff10f830-0x1607b8]...
> > Entry point: 0xff003400
> >
> > (no respond.  However I hear the sound that HDD whispers  X-)

> have you setup the machine according the hp300/FAQ to use the serial cable?

I am using DB9<->DB25 cable, connected to PC.  This message received
on PC.
Perhaps, I understand on my 425t that there are dca0 and apciN.  SYS_INST
outputs to serial.  The kernel might not outputs to serial.

I will try to boot by SYS_UBOOT.


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